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What Facilities and Services Do We Offer in Our Care Homes?

September 11th 2020

When looking at potential care homes or nursing facilities, it is important to choose one where you know all needs will be met and exceeded. A care home with good facilities will aim to enrich the time of all residents and frequently offer both physical and mental stimulation to ensure an active life for those living there. At Select Healthcare we know how important it is for our residents to feel engaged and offer more to daily life than four walls. We also prioritise the health of our residents above all and offer a range of services and facilities to ensure every need is fully met.


Select’s Healthcare Facilities

Our care homes cater for a diverse range of needs and welcome people from all walks of life with equal care and compassion. That’s why we know how important it is to keep on top of the physical needs of all of our residents. All of our UK care homes have an experienced dentist visit on a regular basis to ensure our resident’s dental health is in tip-top condition and any issues are caught early. We also ensure regular visits from an optician to both look after the eye health of our residents and to monitor any conditions that can be picked up through an eye test.

Where needed, our Speech Language Therapists are on hand to provide support and to help guide any speech therapy that may be needed. With our fully-qualified and experienced care staff in-house and regular visits from a district nurse, we know that those staying in our UK care homes are receiving the best possible care from devoted staff.


Looking After Care Home Residents’ Mental Health

As our care facilities offer a range of services, our experienced staff ensure that those living in our care homes have access to fully-qualified and experienced psychologists and psychotherapists who can offer therapeutic interventions and advice to our residents and ensure their mental health is being fully cared for during their time with us.

For those receiving care for dementia or related memory-loss illnesses, our reminiscence therapy is widely used in our residential care homes to discuss memories of friends and relatives. In care homes housing those with dementia, memory boxes are also present in order to trigger memories from items such as photographs or letters.

We know how important faith is to many of our residents, that’s why we also offer religious services for a range of different denominations within our care homes.


Additional Facilities to Help Our Residents Feel Good 

Whilst many of us take a number of things for granted, it is undeniable the difference personal care can make to our happiness and wellbeing. To make sure those living in our Select care homes feel their best, all of our care homes have regular visits from an experienced hairdresser to help keep resident’s hair in the top condition they are used to. Some of our care homes even have a dedicated hair salon space where residents can get a cut or blow-dry when needed. In addition to this, all of our UK care homes have a visit from a chiropodist regularly to make sure their feet are cared for.


Care Home Activities

Of course, medical treatment and personal care aren’t the only facilities important to those living in our Select care homes. Making sure our residents have plenty to do both inside and outside of our homes is one of our top priorities as it is proven that active minds can help people stay healthier for longer. Our activities coordinators actively engage all of our residents in games and activities to look after their mental and physical health.

From bingo and board games to arts and crafts and singalongs, we make sure that there is an activity to suit each of our guests, specially catered to fit their needs. In addition to this, our care homes also offer a number of activities outside of our care homes. These external activities have included things such as boat rides, garden centre visits for coffee and cake and endless other social outings and activities to get our residents out and about and having fun.


If you are looking at taking the next step towards choosing a care home, why not get in touch with the team here at Select Healthcare for advice and guidance? Call us on 01384 217900 to talk to a team member or get in touch online here. Looking for care home-specific facilities? Check with your chosen care home for more or take a look at our facilities page for further information.

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