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Happy Residents and Staff
Island Court Care Home
Island Court Care Home

Island Court testimonial

Island Court
Island Court Care Home
Island Court Care Home


Island Court
The Mews Care Home
The Mews Care Home

Dear Sir or Madam

I wrote to you some time ago when my son came to The Mews, he as continued to make progress in his general and mental state, and my wife and I would like to thank you all as a Company for all you have done, Kerry the new manager at The Mews and her staff have shown very high standards of care throughout the ‘lockdown’, the love and respect that we feel for them is difficult to put into words, but thank you all.  I have emailed the Care Quality Commission and they have spoken to us over the phone.   I felt that they should know of the very high standards of care that the staff at The Mews have shown, it is important that Authorities should know about such kind and caring staff and that their conduct of care should be recognized by all.

My wife and I would like to thank you from our hearts for all you have done for us as a family, we are very proud to know of your Company.

Our warmest Christian love and kindest regards.

The Mews
The Mews Care Home
The Mews Care Home

Hello Kerry (Home Manager)

I hope today finds you well.

This is my view of what The Mews team are doing in these difficult times.

Firstly, I would like to thank Mrs Kerry Lay and her team for looking after my son’s best interests.

Throughout Lockdown, and well before, my son has been kept safe and protected in a homely environment. His needs are catered for in all the ways that are possible (within the current guidelines).

He is well occupied and his mind is being stimulated. As someone who is active, he is taken for regular walks in the countryside, and enjoys riding his bicycle around the home’s grounds.

The staff are well focussed on each resident’s needs and provide the very best care.

Mrs Lay communicates well with us as a family, keeping us up to date with what he is doing, sending photographs, arranging video calls (which we really appreciate as we’ve been unable to see him in person) and addressing any concerns she or the staff may have.

My son always appears happy, in spite of not being able to come home to us each month, which reflects the stability of the environment and care.

My husband and I would like to thank Mrs Lay and her team for all they are doing in what are very challenging times.



Parent of a Resident at The Mews
The Mews Care Home
The Mews Care Home


Adult Community Learning Disability Team

St Georges Hospital

Flanagan Centre

Corporation Street


ST16 3AG


01785 221576


8th June 2021



Dear Kerry,

                                I just wanted to write to you having worked with you for the last 15 months to say how incredible the change in the service has been over this period of time. The work you and the staff have put in to grow this service and improve is remarkable.

 Since you have taken over the service has become very welcoming and advice is always acted upon in a very quick manor. Your staff and yourself always act appropriately and ask for support when you cannot manage difficulties in house. The reliance on PRN medication and medication in general has reduced as you have found other more positive strategies to support people.

There always lots of in house activities and now there are always availability for a wide range of out of home activities for people to access- their likes and wishes are always taken into account and you always promote independence and choice. It has been a pleasure to work with you during your management of the Mews and I wish you every success for the future.

Best wishes



Rachel Wayper

Community Learning Disability Nurse

Adult Community Learning Disability Team
Aldergrove Manor Care Home
Aldergrove Manor Care Home

Hello Sarah

I know you and your staff are facing difficult times at Aldergrove. You must all feel worn down in such distressing circumstances. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the way in which you have kept going and for the wonderful level of care you have given Peter. There are many things that I have appreciated. Here are some of them:

  • The speed at at which Aldergrove acted to lock down early and keep the virus at bay
  • The diligence shown by having strict procedures over visiting and quarantining anything coming into the building, and the fact that you have been tireless in  maintaining these procedures
  • The communication to keep relatives like me in touch with what’s happening
  • The empathy and understanding when I (probably like  many others) ring often to see how Pete is. I can only imagine how stretched the staff must be with so many staff and residents getting Covid. Despite this the nurses, Martine and yourself are always happy to explain what’s happening. You all empathise with the distress I feel and your re-assurance helps me to be optimistic and keep going. It can’t be easy to deal with all those tears!
  • When Pete had pneumonia in November he returned to you from hospital in a poor state. It was heart-breaking for me not to be able to come in and look after him.  I am so grateful for the personal care and attention he received and the progress he made. In particular you all persevered in encouraging Pete to eat, and eat safely. His swallow problems have always been a worry but when I was not there to help him, I knew he was getting the best care
  • Recently, about two weeks ago, I was grateful for the speed at which the RIT team was called and for the phone calls to keep me posted. Since Peter  tested positive for Covid (my worst nightmare) you have been so kind. When we face-timed on Monday I could see the love and kindness that you give to him
  • I also know that you fought hard to get the residents vaccinated sooner than the CCG were intending

Finally, some feedback specifically for you. What a time for you to have to step into Jeanette’s shoes! You have dealt with the worst crisis possible. I can only imagine how it must be for you to lose residents, to speak to grieving relatives, and to keep up the  morale of a diminished staff. All that as well as the usual practicalities of a busy nursing home, and developing Covid yourself. That level of pressure would cause most people to crumble but you have displayed resilience, passion, energy, determination and still held on to your kindness.

So thank you and every member of staff at Aldergrove for your dedication and hard work.

Keep on going, and if there is anything at all I do to help, just ask.

Warmest Wishes

Jan - 28/01/2021

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