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What Does Residential Care Include? - A Guide to Select Healthcare Homes

October 27th 2022

Residential care includes so much more than just accommodation, food, medication and 24-hour monitoring. At Select Healthcare, we offer a wide range of specialised services in our residential care homes which means special care is tailored to suit the specific needs of an individual. Environments like our Brain Injury Unit and our Palliative care homes are examples of the specialised services we offer within our residential care homes and Nursing homes. We’ve compiled a list of some of the services that are included in the residential care offered by Select Healthcare homes.


What Does Residential Care Involve?

At Select Healthcare, residential care is multifaceted and involves the combination of many services and people working together. Here is an A-Z listing of some of the features of residential care within Select Healthcare homes.


A is for Activity Coordinators

At all of our Select Healthcare homes, activity coordinators help to provide mental and physical activities that positively stimulate our residents. From day trips to quiz nights, our care home activity coordinators create engaging activities to suit the abilities of all of our residents. Some of the regular activities include local walks, art and craft activities, baking, scrabble, exercise classes and much more.


B is for Brain Injury Rehabilitation Care

The Brain Injury Units and Brain Injury Rehabilitation Care Homes at Select Healthcare provide specialist residential care to individuals recovering from acquired brain injuries and neurological disorders. Through carefully structured care plans and access to multidisciplinary teams of professionals like speech therapists and physiotherapists, we support the recovery of our residents in our Brain Injury Units in a safe and comfortable environment. 


C is for Care Assistants

Care Assistants form the heart and soul of most care homes and it’s no different in a Select Healthcare residential care home. Health Care assistants provide personal care and emotional support in all types of residential care homes including our learning disability care homes and dementia care homes. Healthcare assistants also administer medication and support residents in the local community. With ongoing training, Select Healthcare ensures that the care assistants who work in the various types of care homes have all the skills they need to provide a high level of care to all residents. Find out more about our career opportunities for care assistants.


D is for Dementia Care 

Select Healthcare Homes provide care dedicated to providing specialised dementia care for older people with Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia. With the help of a multidisciplinary team of specialists including Registered General Nurses, GPs and occupational therapists, our specially trained care staff use individually crafted care plans to support the day-to-day needs of residents with Dementia and Alzheimer’s. We also offer treatments like reminiscence therapy in our dementia care homes. Learn more about our Dementia Care Homes.


E is for EMI Care 

EMI care or Elderly Mentally Infirm care refers to the support offered to individuals with the symptoms of advanced dementia and dementia-related conditions like Alzheimer’s disease. The residents we support in our EMI Care Homes often have physical frailties as well as mental infirmity and our staff are specially trained to provide the necessary individual care. This type of care can involve the use of specialised equipment like hoists and other mobility supports. The EMI Care Homes within the Select Healthcare group all provide 24-hour care in clean and safe environments. Discover more about Select Healthcare EMI Care Homes here.


F is for Facilities

The additional facilities available to the residents that live in Select Healthcare homes help to make our care homes some of the best in the UK. At Select Healthcare homes we cater to our residents holistically by offering facilities that support the well-being of individuals as well as their physical needs. Some of our facilities include opticians, chiropodists, dentists and hairdressers who regularly visit our homes as well as district nurses and therapists who are on hand to provide care.


G is for GP

GPs are a part of the multidisciplinary team that is involved in creating care plans for the people who live in our residential care homes. In Select Healthcare homes, care assistants support residents in attending doctor's appointments to ensure general health is maintained. G.Ps will review medication and alter prescriptions where necessary and all changes are documented in the resident’s person-centred care plan.


H is for Healthcare Management

All of our residential care homes and nursing care homes are expertly managed by fully trained healthcare managers. Registered nurse managers, healthcare administrators and registered home managers keep Select Healthcare homes running smoothly and operating according to the care standards set by the CQC (Care Quality Commission). 


I is for Inclusivity 

In Select Healthcare residential homes and nursing homes, we believe in creating an environment where everyone feels included. Our services cater to vulnerable adults with specialised needs and many of our purpose-built care homes were created to support specific areas of care like dementia care, EMI care and brain injury rehabilitation. Throughout our residential care homes, personalised care plans are just one of the ways we ensure we cater to the individual needs of our residents. When it comes to inclusivity in our care homes, our facilities like religious services and specially curated activities are focused on social inclusion.


J is for Jobs in Care

A care home job can turn into one of the most rewarding careers you can have. At Select Healthcare we have a wide range of job roles in our care homes across the country to suit everyone. Care assistant jobs, Registered General Nurse jobs, Registered Mental Health Nurse jobs, Domestic Assistant jobs and healthcare management jobs are just some of the care home jobs within our wide-ranging care service. Find out more about our care home jobs here.


K is for Kitchen Assistants

Balanced and nutritional meals are an important part of a healthy lifestyle and at Select Healthcare, our kitchen assistants and cooks help to provide this aspect of care to our residents. We ensure we meet standards set out by the CQC by following food and hygiene guidelines while providing a varied and enjoyable choice of meals. The kitchen assistants in Select Healthcare residential homes are all fully trained in food safety and infection control and will prepare meals to reflect the dietary needs of the residents. 



L is for Learning Disabilities Care 

Learning Disability care homes provide care for adults with learning disabilities who have conditions like Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Learning disabilities often cause individuals to struggle with aspects of daily life meaning they require the support of support workers. At Select Healthcare homes, our support staff are specifically trained to positively support the needs of people with learning disabilities in ways that promote dignity and respect. The person-centred care plans that we create for each resident help us to update the ways we support people to ensure the resident’s needs are always met.


M is for Mental Health Care 

At Select Healthcare, our mental health care homes provide residential care to adults with various mental health conditions from anxiety and depression to schizophrenia and other psychotic illnesses. Our residential care homes provide a full range of support which includes regular reviews to ensure there is always access to the relevant professionals who form a part of the multidisciplinary teams.


N is for Nursing Care 

Registered nurses within a Select Healthcare nursing care Home provide specialised 24-hour nursing care to residents with severe physical disabilities and complex medical requirements. You’ll also find specific equipment like hoists to support mobility and aid the quality of life within a residential nursing home. Visit our list of care homes to find out more about our nursing care facilities.


O is for Occupational Therapy 

In residential care settings, you’ll often find Occupational Therapists who support people to develop, regain or maintain abilities that are needed to carry out everyday tasks. In Select Healthcare homes, additional support like access to occupational therapy helps to promote independence and a sense of control in the lives of residents. In Select Healthcare residential care homes, regular reviews and assessments help to highlight the need for additional therapeutic support. 


P is for Palliative Care 

Palliative care or end-of-life care is a holistic approach to supporting someone with a life-limiting illness or condition. In Select Healthcare Palliative Care homes, our specially trained nurses and care staff provide round-the-clock care with dignity and respect. Our palliative care treatments also include access to prescribed medical treatments in addition to assessments for supportive equipment like wheelchairs and hoists that improve the quality of life of residents. Discover more about our palliative care services in our palliative care homes.


Q is for Quality Care Services

Select Healthcare commits to providing a high standard of care throughout our UK care homes. We ensure that our residential care homes meet the standards set out by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Creating person-centred care plans, having safeguarding systems in place, and providing care with dignity whilst being responsive to people’s needs are just some of the ways we meet the fundamental standards of care set out by the CQC.


R is for Respite Care 

Respite care is a way for family members and friends who provide care for their loved ones to take a break by having professional carers take over. This can be in the form of day centres or the Select Healthcare respite care homes that provide short-term residential care. Short-term respite care offers a chance for a change of scenery and social interaction and the opportunity to access special facilities without the commitment of long-term residential care.


S is for Support Workers

Much like healthcare assistants, support workers are an essential part of the care support team in our Select Healthcare care homes. From providing personal care to accompanying and supporting service users in the community, the support workers in our care homes receive all the appropriate training to provide the high standard of care our residential care homes are known for.


T is for Training 

Select Healthcare ensures that all of the care staff who work in our many residential care homes across the UK are suitably qualified and trained to support the specific needs of the residents. Care assistants, Registered General Nurses, and Registered Nurse Managers all complete regular training to provide the highest level of care and remain compliant with CQC's standards. Food safety, medication administration and infection control are just some of the standard annual training courses our care staff have to complete in addition to training specific to our services. 


U is for Understanding

Understanding and compassion for others are just two personality traits you’ll find in the staff at Select Healthcare. Our residential care staff do more than offer daily support, they offer patience, empathy, a smiling face and friendly conversation which goes a long way to make others feel safe and “at home”. In addition to understanding, at Select Healthcare we value respect, dignity, reliability and effective communication as desirable traits in the people who support the vulnerable adults in our care. 


V is for Values

Many reputable residential care homes have a set of values that define their approach to care and support. Select Healthcare is no different and our values are to “ensure the highest-quality service is provided to all residents”. We uphold our values by:

  • Providing specialised services in all of our care homes

  • Ensuring all staff are fully qualified with regular training updates

  • Creating person-centred care plans for all residents.

  • Maintaining care standards set by CQC

By maintaining the standards above, we will continue to provide a high level of residential care.


W is for Welsh Care Homes

Did you know that Select Healthcare has residential care homes in Wales? As well as having residential care homes in England, we also have excellent care homes in Wrexham. The peaceful locations and excellent facilities of our care homes in Wales include accommodation for couples, and reminiscence therapy for residents with dementia while in care homes like Plas Rhosnesni, welsh speaking staff can support those whose first language is Welsh. Find out more about our residential care homes around the UK.


X is for EXtra Special Services 

Providing specialised services that cater specifically to a range of healthcare needs is something we are very proud of at Select Healthcare. Rather than having a “one size fits all” approach to care, we have focused on creating homes that provide personalised care based on an individual's condition. Our services like palliative care, mental health care and brain injury rehabilitation require a specific set of skills and equipment and we ensure that all staff are specially trained. We also ensure that our homes are fully equipped and purpose-built to meet the needs of those we support. 


Y is for Your Home From Home

At Select Healthcare, we know it can be difficult adjusting to new surroundings so we are passionate about creating a “home-from-home” environment in all of our residential care homes and nursing care homes. Our purpose-built specialist care homes provide an environment for the best clinical care as well as the warmth and comfort we associate with homely environments. Removing cold clinical elements and hospital features goes a long way to helping residents feel comfortable and encourages the feeling of living in your own home. 


Z is for A Zest for Caring

At Select Healthcare we have a passionate and enthusiastic approach to care that focuses on providing the highest quality of holistic support to vulnerable adults. That zest for care can be seen in our specialised service-based care homes that are geared towards helping residents get the most out of their lives in a safe and comfortable environment. We enjoy providing premium care and this can be seen in our care homes across the country.


If you would like to know more about the specialist services offered by Select Healthcare residential care homes, please contact our friendly and experienced staff who will be happy to answer any questions. Call us today on 01384 217900.


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