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How to Keep in Touch with Care Home Residents During the Pandemic

December 24th 2020

With increasing restrictions in place, many of us are keeping away from our loved ones this festive season to keep them safe. It can be hard not having face-to-face contact with relatives and loved ones whilst they are living in a care home so we’ve pulled together some ideas of how to keep in touch with care home residents during the pandemic to keep them safe.


Call the Care Home to Talk to your Loved One

Whilst it may seem obvious, one of the easiest ways to keep in touch with loved ones who are care home residents is to give them a regular phone call to see how they are and to update them with family life or whatever else you fancy talking about. If your loved one has a mobile phone, this can make contact easier. However, if they do not own a mobile phone or are unable to use a mobile phone, calling the care home itself is the perfect way to get in touch. You will be able to check in with how your loved one is doing through our family team and arrange a time for them to talk to you over the phone using the care home phone. Such a simple way of keeping in touch with care home residents can make all the difference in keeping them connected with the outside world during this time.


Arrange a Video Call With the Care Home

A video call is a perfect way for you to keep in touch with those living in our care home during this time and can make their day. Being able to visually see someone in front of them, although not quite the same as face-to-face contact is a great way to boost spirits and can help put a name to the voice heard at the other end of a phone. A good way to do this is to check whether the care home your relative or loved one is living in has the capacity to provide video calling or alternatively provide your loved one with a tablet or other device they can be helped to use by one of our team members. Using a video call to stay in touch with care home residents means they need not miss out on family game nights or quizzes as they can join in through a call.


Send a Letter, Note or Care Parcel

There is nothing better than having a physical reminder of family or loved ones. Writing a letter or a quick note to a care home resident will give them something familiar they can look at when missing family and be a great pick me up for winter days. Our ‘send a postcard’ service is the perfect way to do this. Simply add your message and name online and we will deliver your message to your friend or relative, find out more here.

Alternatively, why not drop off a package for your loved one filled with pictures of family members and some of their favourite treats? Check with the care home you are delivering to see what their guidelines are for parcels and what you are allowed to send in to make sure you are following the right rules. A good rule of thumb is to send items that can be wiped clean easily before being given to your friend or relative.


If you have any other questions about life in our care homes during the pandemic or about our care homes in general, get in touch with our team online or call 01384 217900 for more.

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