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5 Misconceptions About Life In a Care Home

April 28th 2023

There may come a time when a loved one can no longer live alone and finding suitable residential care is the next option. Choosing a care home for a family member or a friend can feel like entering unknown territory and is especially daunting when many myths and misconceptions surround the topic.

Unfortunately, care homes have been the target of negative stereotypes thanks to the media and old-world thinking. In order to find the right care home for your loved one, it’s important to be able to separate fact from fiction when it comes to the truth about living in residential care homes. In this article, let’s debunk some of the most common myths about care homes.


Misconception #1: Care Homes are Lonely, Boring Places.

Some people imagine care homes to be dreary and boring places where residents sit in their rooms doing nothing. At Select Healthcare homes, the opposite is true and our modern care homes are lively, inclusive places where the residents can enjoy active lifestyles and access the community if they wish. We believe that meaningful activities in care homes help to support the wellbeing of the people who live there. Our residential care homes employ staff, including activity coordinators who make sure care home activities are suitable for residents of all abilities. Each resident also has person-centred care plans which detail the types of activities they prefer. To prevent feelings of isolation, care assistants and nurses also offer companionship and are always available for a chat to help keep loneliness at bay. Group activities, social events and celebrations all make up a part of life in our homes. You’ll always be able to visit your loved one when they move to one of our care homes as we know how important it is for our residents to maintain relationships and to build new ones.


Misconception #2: Care Homes are Only for People Who are Extremely ill or Frail.

Contrary to popular belief, care homes are not just for people who are very sick or infirm. Select Healthcare homes do provide care for elderly infirm residents but we also offer a range of care services for individuals with a variety of needs. From learning disability care and mental health care to respite care and assisted living, the range of care services offered by Select allows us to cater to a wider group of people with specific care needs. This means that residents can receive the care and support they need to maintain their independence, regardless of their physical or mental health.


Misconception #3: Care Homes are too Expensive.

Care home fees are a subject that many people find confusing and often it leads people to draw the conclusion that good care homes are elite and expensive. This isn’t always the case and support is available to make fees more affordable. The cost of living in a care home varies depending on the level of care required, the location of the facility and your loved one’s financial circumstances. Local councils can conduct financial assessments and provide help with paying care home fees for residential care for eligible individuals. 


Misconception #4 Care Homes are Cold and Clinical.

Gone are the days when care homes were similar to hospitals in their sterile appearance. Today, residential care homes look more like regular homes with many of the creature comforts you’d expect. Many of our facilities have beautifully landscaped gardens, bright and airy common areas, and private rooms with en-suite facilities. Select Healthcare homes pride themselves on providing a “home from home” environment which makes moving into a care home a much easier process. Residents at Select care homes are encouraged to decorate their rooms and inject some of their own personality to enhance independence and make their lives more comfortable. 


Misconception #5: Care Homes Restrict Residents' Freedom and Independence.

Some people still believe that when a loved one moves into residential care, they lose their independence and autonomy but this is far from the truth. Today, many pieces of legislation like the Mental Capacity Act are in place to protect an individual right to choose and promote empowerment for those living in care home environments. In Select Healthcare homes, residents are encouraged to participate in activities and make choices about their care, such as meal options and social activities. Additionally, regular assessments allow residents to access  services and equipment that can help to enhance independence like mobility aids and communication tools.


Quality Care Homes from Select Healthcare

At Select Healthcare, we believe it is essential to challenge the misconceptions and negative stereotypes associated with care homes and instead focus on the positive aspects of these facilities. In a Select Healthcare home, residents can enjoy their lives in comfort, safety, and dignity 24 hours a day. If you’d like to know more about our care homes, you can browse our list of services or contact us to make an enquiry.


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