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How to Become a Care Assistant

August 12th 2020

Becoming a carer, otherwise known as a care assistant is one of the most rewarding things a person can do. Our team of care assistants face new challenges every day but are devoted to caring for the residents of our care homes across the UK. A career as a care assistant can mean a lifelong career for some or a stepping stone into other healthcare roles for others but if you are looking at becoming a carer, here is our guide on how to get started.

What Qualifications do you Need to be a Care Assistant?

When looking at how to become a care worker, the first thing you should look at is what qualifications you need to be a care assistant. If you are new to the healthcare profession, the good thing about becoming a care assistant is that you will need no basic qualifications to apply to be a carer. In most cases, you will receive full training as part of your role in order to ensure you have the relevant qualifications and skills needed to become a care assistant. 

What Skills or Qualities Are Required to Become a Care Assistant?

Some qualities you must have however include the ability to think quickly on your feet, adapt to new situations and the ability to show full compassion and understanding with whoever works through the care home doors. As a care assistant, you will be dealing with extremely vulnerable people so it is important you are able to provide them with the care and dignity they deserve. These skills are what make a successful care assistant and can lead to a long and happy career in the healthcare industry.

Applying for Care Assistant Roles

Care assistants are highly sought after in the healthcare world which means that fortunately there will be a number of care assistant positions open for applicants wanting to start a career as a carer. When applying for roles as a care assistant in a care home, it is important to prepare for any questions you may be asked about your suitability and ask yourself both what you expect from the role and what you are prepared to give to the role. Care assistant roles are challenging yet rewarding and care homes are looking for care assistant applicants who they know will be up for the challenge and can help provide the best possible care for residents in their homes.

During the Application Process

Once you have found the care position you would like to apply for, it is a good idea to get in touch with the advertiser to find out more about the vacancy and the home you would be applying for. This will give you the opportunity to find out if the position is right for you as well as demonstrating a genuine interest in the role, something that is important for many employers in the healthcare industry.

As a new care assistant, you will require a period of training before you begin your role as a care assistant to ensure you are qualified for the position, so it is important you are prepared to do this when applying for a position in any care home.


If you are looking at getting started in becoming a care assistant, take a look at our current vacancies over on the careers page to find out more about the healthcare careers available in our UK-wide Select care homes.

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