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How Residential Respite Care Could Help Support You

May 12th 2021

For those who receive care from a relative, loved one or external care service, residential respite care can be the ideal way to take a break from daily life with the help of specialists who will be able to give exactly the right level of care for their needs.


What is Residential Respite Care?

Residential respite care is temporary residential care that can be accessed by those who require care but wish to take a break from their ordinary care routine. Specialist care can be provided around the clock during these stays which are usually for a short amount of time. Residential respite care can provide specialist services with access to healthcare professionals and comfortable surroundings on a short-term care home stay basis.


How Can Residential Respite Care Help?

Providing care for a loved one is often intensely rewarding for both the person giving the care and those receiving the care but times will inevitably come up when either party is looking for a break from the normal routine. This may be due to the person providing the care not being able to provide care during a certain time, perhaps due to illness themselves or even a trip away. Alternatively, it may be that the person receiving care is looking for a change of scenery themselves and a break from the usual care routine in a residential care home is the perfect fit. These are times when arranging for short term residential respite care for elderly or care receivers could be the ideal solution for both parties with the carer knowing that the person they are caring for is in trusted hands.


Alternatively, many of our residential respite care visitors do not have a full-time care plan in place and would like a brief period of respite with care professionals where they know their needs will be met. Short term residential care stays are a brilliant way to increase social interaction and the change of scenery is a great way to improve their emotional wellbeing.


What Are the Benefits of Respite Care?

Our respite care homes provide a range of facilities and services to make your short-term care home stay a home away from home. Our residential respite stays provide social interactions and regular activities to support our residents mental and physical health with a number of seasonal events that invite friends and family to join in the festivities.


Chiropodists, hairdressers and dentists are all also on hand to make sure those staying with us are in top condition as well as a range of specialist care facilities and services to ensure the needs of our residents are met. Our compassionate care home staff are also here to make sure every one of our residents feels comfortable with the whole experience and enjoys their stay with us in respite care.

Finding Residential Respite Care that Fits Your Needs

If you are looking for caring and compassionate residential care in the UK, our respite care homes could be the perfect fit. Contact our team today to find out more about residential respite care with Select Healthcare or take a look at some of our care homes offering short term residential respite care here.

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