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Why YOU Should Work at Select - a Caring & Rewarding Environment

March 07th 2019

Starting a new job is always a daunting experience, whether that be your first leaps into an entirely new career path, or you have been working in the industry for some time, and you think you are ready to assume a more senior role. With Select Healthcare, these worries need not apply. 

Select Healthcare is not only a fun and engaging environment to be a part of, but our care home jobs and registered nursing careers are also all rewarding opportunities at all levels and our staff regularly express their sense of pride and job satisfaction as every shift draws to a close. 

Of all the residential care homes available in the country, what makes Select Healthcare's working environment a cut above the rest?

Select Healthcare has careers available for all... 

Select Healthcare proudly offers positions in our care homes to employees of all walks of life, all industry experience levels and people with a whole plethora of qualifications. Our nursing care and care assistant roles are the ideal stepping stone for novices looking to dive into the healthcare industry for the very first time. Our care assistant jobs don't call for existing experience due to extensive on-the-job and continual role training, and from here, we pose ample opportunity to work your way up the ladder to support worker, skilled nursing facility etc. 

On the contrary, for the slightly more familiar or qualified individuals in the industry, our healthcare management roles, registered mental nurse jobs and general nurse jobs are open to everybody with the right qualifications and a whole lot of passion. If you are a new graduate looking for your first registered general nurse job, or you have been a registered nurse for forty years - our residential care home jobs are open to you!

Is job satisfaction important to you?

Much like any career that requires you to help others and the less fortunate at the core of your role, Select Healthcare's careers in our residential homes leave our roster with immense levels of job satisfaction at the end of every shift. When you walk through the doors in any of our nursing homes, as a patient, visitor, potential or longstanding staff member, you will feel the support, joy and professionalism from our staff members almost instantly. 

During our recruitment process for our nursing home jobs, we strive to scope out the individuals who have a true enthusiasm for the healthcare industry and providing care to others, to not only give our service users the most pleasurable experience with Select Healthcare but to ensure staff morale is always high and the working environment is always a positive one in our residential care home. 

On-going training and development is always encouraged

In all of Select Healthcare's care worker jobs, we offer continuous on-the-job training and additional training and development opportunities to our staff, regardless of their seniority level. If you are one of our care assistants or support workers, speech therapists, cooks, activity coordinators or care home managers, we continually push you towards gaining extra qualifications and actively encourage extra learning so you can better yourself, reach your personal goals and broaden your careers prospects and scope for growth. 

Aside from flourishing on a personal level, constant training and development allow you to consistently provide the most superior service and highest levels of care to all of our care home residents and service users. Regardless of the direct interaction levels, you have with service users, all of our roles are in place to improve and enhance the Select Healthcare experience. 

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