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What Qualifications are needed for a Career in Healthcare Management?

March 29th 2019

It is a well-known fact that the UK is an ageing population. Knowledge of illness' is more significant than ever before, allowing us to create potent medicines and the discovery of new cures for various diseases happens persistently. While this means us citizens get to enjoy a healthy life for a far longer time than in years past, the demand for care services is also ever-growing. 

The UK's healthcare expenditure in 2016 was £191.7 billion with the UK's care homes alone factoring for approximately £15.9 billion of this annual outlay - proving that the industry is one of the most forceful and exhilarating career paths for anybody looking to embark on a career in healthcare management.

When presented with the idea of working at a residential care home, or ANY career in healthcare for that matter, many people are under the misconception that front-line jobs such as nurses and care assistants are the only available routes. While these are some of the most prominent career paths, admittedly they are not for everybody, but that doesn’t mean you should rule out a career of helping others and working in the industry.

Healthcare management jobs are primarily behind the scenes, but they are of equal importance with regards to the coordination and orchestration of frontline staff and facilities – the two most important factors for providing service users with the utmost levels of care.

What are your options for healthcare management careers?

The job options in medical management are so varied with so many possible career paths that we couldn’t possibly go into detail of them all. Naturally, different occupations appeal to different people, and although the list of health professions is extensive, here is a brief lowdown of some of the most prominent health management jobs and healthcare administration job options on the market:

  • Care Home Management
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Finance and Accounts
  • Healthcare Human Resources
  • Clinical Management
  • Project Management and Procurement
  • Information Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Staff and Care Coordinator
  • Operations Management

What qualifications do you need for health management jobs?

As we previously mentioned, the spectrum of possible job options within healthcare management is too extensive to list, and the various career options vary from one extreme of the career spectrum to the other. With that said, drastically different career paths weigh differently in terms of job specifications, responsibilities and personal requirements, therefore meaning they all have unique minimum qualification requirements.

Generally speaking, the more demanding and high-pressure roles in healthcare administration such as a Hospital CEO, or those that require niche technical knowledge or skills such as a Director of Nursing or Hospital Chief Financial Officer will usually request a related bachelor's degree at a minimum - sometimes a Master's is necessitated. But that is not to underestimate the importance of direct industry experience for these or any role in healthcare management. Regardless of educational background, nobody will be able to conclude a Healthcare Management Degree at Bachelors level or a Master's in Business Administration and walk directly into a role as a Hospital CEO; healthcare administration jobs at such senior levels require years upon years of hard work, dedication and extensive experience AFTER the completion of your degree.

Progress your healthcare management career from entry level

Pursuing a career in healthcare management is an avenue that is attainable for all, especially those with a passion to work within the industry.

University isn’t a feasible option for everybody for one reason or another, but that doesn’t mean those people should have to miss out on aiming high and striving for those senior positions in health administration and management.

There are many careers paths you can take in which you will begin your care career in a junior position without any major qualifications, but still, have the capacity and encouragement to scale your way through the ranks and eventually land yourself a senior position in one of the many available senior healthcare management jobs. 

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