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Benefits of Residential Care Homes

April 07th 2017

The question of moving a loved one into a residential care home can be stressful for all involved, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Care homes haven’t always had the best reputation in recent years, but this is just a small percentage and there are masses of care homes up and down the country that provide impeccable care and an enjoyable environment to all of their residents.

With the aim of making your decision that little bit easier, we have compiled a list of just a small selection of the benefits for you and your relative when it comes to making use of a residential care home.


Safety is the possibly the most important benefit of residential care homes and one that sways many decisions. When the elderly and vulnerable can’t look after themselves efficiently, quite often they become a hazard to themselves. Care homes are staffed at all times and in many, there are nurses readily available 24/7 – there is always somebody present and ready to look after your loved one.


Your friend or relative will have countless opportunities in the day to sit and socialise with not only people of a similar age, but people in the same circumstances as them. There should be no fear of them having to go for hours each day without having any human interaction or company.


As people age or become more vulnerable, it is important to ensure they keep their mind and body stimulated as much as possible. Of course we don’t mean with vigorous exercise, but in all of our residential care homes we host a range of activities each day to ensure there is something that every resident can enjoy. Some of the favourite activities among residents include arts & crafts, baking, local walks, light exercises, baking and shopping, plus much more.


 All occupants in a Select Healthcare Group care home will have a room that they can call their own. Residents can add their own personal touches to their room with furniture and photographs to really give it that homely feel. It will be a cosy space where they can feel at ease and retreat to at the end of the day.


Another main concern with frail, vulnerable or elderly relatives is whether they are eating properly. When living in a care home, residents are served regular and wholesome meals to ensure they receive all the nutrition they need.


When a relative or loved one is in a residential care home, you can have full confidence they are not going to miss or even accidentally take too much of their medications. At Select Healthcare, we have adequate medication management systems in place to ensure medication is monitored accurately and administered at the appropriate times and dosages.


Having a relative in a home will give you peace of mind knowing that they are safe, well looked after, not living alone and that they will have company throughout the day while you might have responsibilities to tend to such as working or looking after your children.


Your relative will not have the worry of settling utility bills, the upkeep and cleaning of the house and even the smaller things such as the grocery shopping.


There are many care homes available that provide specialised services for needs that require more intense care levels and specific nurse training. As an example, we have a plethora of homes that specialise in mental health care, respite care, palliative care, elderly care and physical disability. We also have a number of dementia care homes where nurses undergo specialised and rigorous training.


Living conditions can be more comfortable in a home depending on the individuals’ circumstances to begin with. One example is a heated home. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to hear that the elderly and vulnerable can’t afford to heat their properties, but care homes can provide a warm and cosy environment. 

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